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Welcome to my website, my name is Buhle Lindwa and hot off the press is my book: I’m Planted, Not Buried. I wrote this book with you in mind. Yes, I spent so many nights writing until the sun came up, putting my heart on paper because I believe that you don’t have to experience life the way you’ve been taught. There’s so much more available for you if you want it.

I spent years of my life settling and living below my potential. I was numb and every chance I got, I whispered to myself “I hate it here”. I hated my life and the problems I had. I hated the jobs and I struggled to find my rhythm. This made me feel worthless because unintentionally,  I had based my worth on these things. For a long time, I believed that my life would amount to nothing and I was stuck…

I adopted coping mechanisms thinking it would anaesthetize my pain. I settled for a temporary fix thinking it would stop my bleeding. Settling may not be what we want for our lives, but because we have not learned the tools or have received the revelation that we can face our pain and heal, we do the best we can with what we know—even if it is destructive.

In truth, coping mechanisms don’t help you cope. They don’t last. For example, the more you drink to cope, the more alcohol you’ll need to intake to pacify the growing pain of brokenness. The more drugs you smoke, snort, or shoot up, the more dependent you will be on increasing dosages. Pursuing more relationships to pacify being lonely and your need for love won’t kill the pain of brokenness until you deal with those things at the root. These vices will not save you. Coping mechanisms only numb out the pain for a while. When we come back from our escape, we will still have the pain to deal with, plus the shame or guilt we carry for depending on coping mechanisms.

One night, I had reached the end of my rope and I prayed to God for help. I had lost everything I thought was mine to keep and I chose to wave the white flag and surrender. I confessed that I need a Saviour, and I called on Jesus Christ’s name. I had access to God’s sovereign salvation and I let go of my plans for what should come from my life. By doing this, God showed me that my worth issue is settled by Jesus Christ. God showed me my real identity, peace, security, significance, wisdom, and the purest of love is only found in Jesus Christ, and all He wants is me, simply as I am. 

If you’ve ever struggled as I did, I’m here to tell you there’s life on the other side. If you want it, there’s more you can get in God – your future is waiting for you to decide.

You can’t overcome everything that has happened to you without deciding that what’s in front of you is much better than the past. This shift in perspective will prove that you’ve just been planted and knowing you have a future allows you to look at a way forward. God has charted a course for you to translate the bad into good and the pain into purpose so that your life will prove that you’ve been planted and not buried.

In my book, there are steps to finding your purpose and understanding how your relationship with God will unlock new levels of faith. We aren’t designed to be broke or broken, so I unpack God’s view on financial freedom and how to regulate the emotional quality of our lives to be anchored by perfect peace and unshakeable joy. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then I’m Planted, Not Buried is for you – purchase your copy here. Imagine what it would be like living in an overflowing harvest. Imagine manifesting the life of your dreams simply because you went all in for it? Everything is truly possible with God (Matthew 19:26).

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