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Finding abundance in the purpose Jesus Christ manifests for you

I'm Planted, Not Buried



“I’m Planted, Not Buried” – Finding abundance in the purpose Jesus Christ manifests for you.


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Buhle Lindwa, is a  digital content strategist with two journalism qualifications and digital marketing accreditation. Buhle is the CEO of Lindwa Communications – an award-winning digital marketing agency that helps brands and businesses establish an online presence with strategic digital marketing.

Buhle started her career with a broadcast journalism internship at Tygerberg 104FM, a Christian community radio station. She also had a tenure at Elle South Africa, various media publications & digital marketing agencies. Buhle plans to dissect societal realities, independently – as a Christian thought leader, identifying complexities and applying Biblical principles to find personal solutions.

Buhle is passionate about cultivating a relationship with God, emphasising its importance in maintaining mental strength – as this is the only solution to living the life of freedom Jesus Christ provides.

Buhle believes that you can have it all when you partner with God, using the Bible as your blueprint to living a blessed life.


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I'm Planted, Not Buried

How to find your purpose and manifest the abundant life Jesus Christ promises you.

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Experience Book

You don’t have to experience life the way you’ve been taught.

This book sheds light on undefined issues that seem to have a significant rise in our generation and cost us the reality of freedom. These problems contribute to abuse, toxic people and cycles and the poverty of all kind. Some of these problems also include mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, emotional disorders, stagnation and brokenness. These have become an emotional epidemic in our society because many don’t see the damage caused, so these broken patterns perpetuate.

But there’s always purpose to the pain and Buhle Lindwa details the Gospel truth on how to find your purpose and obtain wholesome wealth as you walk aligned to God’s will. The core theme of “I’m Planted, Not Buried” leans strongly on maintaining mental strength based on Biblical principles and the importance of cultivating a conscious relationship with God. As this is the only saving grace to living a life of abundance Jesus Christ provides.
Buhle references Bible scriptures consistently in this book to paint a picture of how to resolve our contemporary life issues by using proven eternal principles. As she believes these principles, is the blueprint to living a blessed life. Because the purpose of scripture details God’s pertinent instructions for humanity – while in its core explains redemption and salvation through Jesus Christ. Therefore, in the Bible’s entirety, there are many golden nuggets that we can derive Biblical principles from -and appropriate in our life to bring our faith into the practicality of our life experience. Buhle captures this essence by detailing practical principles regarding finding God’s purpose; walking in faith; managing careers; building wealth, maintaining your salvation; cultivating healthy relationships and living in a state of peace.

We don’t have to confine the Christian faith to a church building, Passover or Easter Sunday. Once we understand God’s perfect will and put God first, then we can manifest the abundant living and walk in purpose.


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I'm Planted, Not Buried